Chef, Charmeleon

Selling booster packs and a card carrying case with deckboxes/assorted energy cards

I was given permission to sell in pkmncollectors by entirelycliched on 2/11/2013

My feedback ---->

I mail out from within the US (30189), and it will take up to one week (Usually mail on Tuesdays and Saturdays only)

Please be able to pay within 24 hours. Not open for trades.

First person to say 'Committed to buy' before other people gets claim on item(s).

When you post you're committed to buy, please state up front if you want a tracking number. Otherwise I may not notice. Or direct message me if you want to make sure I see it.

Do not ask me to send an invoice.

I prefer to ship to the US/Canada.

If you are interested in everything here, shipping will be a bit cheaper, and I am willing to talk about lowering the price lightly.

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Chef, Charmeleon

Status update for a few users here I sold swing charms to

This is a status update for a few people I sold items to

docgerbilsworld - Raichu swing charm

serenitysamaa - Mareep swing charm

mixie94 - 2x meowth and one stantler swing charm

I'm very sorry you did not get your items yet, I had sent them out, but due to a mistake on my part, part of the addressed got ruined, and the items were 'Return to Sender'd' back to me when I had to be sent to the hospital. (I'm posting this shortly after I arrived back home)

I'm very sorry you've been waiting this long, but I have re-done the addresses and I will be mailing them out today when I head out.
Chef, Charmeleon

Swing charm auctions and 2x pokemon tretta cases

Sooo yeah, like the title says, I'm selling a few of the more wanted swingcharms of my personal collection, since I believe there are others who would be more appreciative of them (Since in my collection they're in a closed binder a looot)


I'm shipping from 30189 in the US, and I CAN ship world wide, prices will vary depending on where you live.

You will have 48 hours to pay for the item(s) you won after the auction ends and winners are announced.

I only accept payment through paypal.

Items will be shipped as soon as I recieve payment from everyone. (Paypal debit card so no wait time for money transferring to the bank)

My feedback ->

I was given permission to sell in pkmncollectors by entirelycliched on 2/11/2013

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Also this ends on friday at 6pm my time (East Coast US)
Chef, Charmeleon

Just a bit of an into for now

Just thought I'd post a bit of info and whatnot here, so my lj page isn't totally dead looking

I just turned 22 in june. I LOVE pokemon and other RPGs. I'm collecting pokemon Battrio and Tretta coins/chips/merc/ect, so if you have any of those for sale then feel more than free to message me.

I'm also a bit of a retro hunter with older games. I'm recollecting the GB/GBC pokemon games, as well as some old RPGs for the NES/SNES (Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, ect)

But as of right now, I'm heavily into the pokemon Battrio/Tretta collection scene, and if I contact any of you about something you have for sale in one of these categories, then don't be surprised

Battrio 'Grail' items I'm looking for

I already own one, but I am looking for others. The key goes into a special made slot in the back
Holds 12 coins inside of the pop open chamber, and holds another 6 in back to hold 18 total

Any Charmeleon, Raikou, or Houndour Battrio Coins

Tretta 'Grail' items I'm looking for

Holds 18 Tretta Coins + 1 Report

5th gen starter promo set + 1 Report (Same thing as the key from Battrio)

Any Charmeleon, Raikou, or Houndour Tretta coins that may come out

Other things I'm looking for:

Anything Charmeleon, Raikou, or Houndour related