Just a bit of an into for now
Chef, Charmeleon
Just thought I'd post a bit of info and whatnot here, so my lj page isn't totally dead looking

I just turned 22 in june. I LOVE pokemon and other RPGs. I'm collecting pokemon Battrio and Tretta coins/chips/merc/ect, so if you have any of those for sale then feel more than free to message me.

I'm also a bit of a retro hunter with older games. I'm recollecting the GB/GBC pokemon games, as well as some old RPGs for the NES/SNES (Earthbound, Super Mario RPG, ect)

But as of right now, I'm heavily into the pokemon Battrio/Tretta collection scene, and if I contact any of you about something you have for sale in one of these categories, then don't be surprised

Battrio 'Grail' items I'm looking for

I already own one, but I am looking for others. The key goes into a special made slot in the back
Holds 12 coins inside of the pop open chamber, and holds another 6 in back to hold 18 total

Any Charmeleon, Raikou, or Houndour Battrio Coins

Tretta 'Grail' items I'm looking for

Holds 18 Tretta Coins + 1 Report

5th gen starter promo set + 1 Report (Same thing as the key from Battrio)

Any Charmeleon, Raikou, or Houndour Tretta coins that may come out

Other things I'm looking for:

Anything Charmeleon, Raikou, or Houndour related


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